The ABCs of Action Baby Carriers: Ten Reason Why You Need One for Your Family!

Published: 18th May 2012
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If you are shopping around for a soft-structured baby carrier, you are likely looking at an Action Baby Carrier, amongst others. To help narrow it down, it is important to look at the benefits of each carrier. Below is a list of the 10 best benefits of an ABC to get you started:

      1. Safety. Action Baby Carriers are amongst the safest soft-structured baby carriers in the marketplace. The distinctive design incorporates a continuously integrated strap that crosses underneath the child's bottom and forms a supportive "x." The straps are then folded and triple-sewn to the amply cushioned hip belt. In other words, the weight of the little one is held by numerous layers of fabric instead of a couple of seams that might tear or fail.

      1. Comfort. ABCs are constructed with high quality padding which is 3" wide on the shoulder area and 4" wide at the waistline for exceptionally even weight distribution. These extra wide measurements ensure that the shoulder straps will not "dig in" and the hip belt will never bind, bunch or twist, providing a very comfortable wearing experience.

      1. Great-looking. Let's face it. Soft-structured carriers are definitely not considered to be among the most attractive baby carriers on the market. They tend to look a bit sloppy and old-fashioned if not done properly. Having said that, with the Action Carrier, this is never a problem. The ABC's modern fabrics and streamlined details produce a taylored and simplistic appearance that flatters women and men alike. And the variety of fabric choices offer something for everybody.

      1. Incorporated sleeping cover. This feature is a biggie! Many baby carriers either include a loose sleeping hood that may be dropped or misplaced or they omit the sleeping hood entirely. The ABC sleeping hood is built into the body of the carrier allowing it to be moved up or down with a few small movements. This means less woken babies and even more hands-free babywearing time! Also, the hood is constructed from a breathable material and the design enables great ventilation for baby. What's not to like?

      1. Share-able. Action Baby Carriers may be easily shared between parents with a few easy adjustments. The hip belt will stretch from 28" to 51" due to the unique center buckle/dual adjustment strap design and the shoulder straps can be crossed over the shoulders or worn back pack style, dependant upon the person's preference. Plus, the ABC can carry baby in hip, front, and back positions.

      1. Dad-friendly. Many men are amenable to sporting their babies on account of all of the great things it does for them, however are uncomfortable with carriers such as wraps or ring slings. The ABC is great for guys because it is streamlined and straightforward. ABCs are also ideal for babywearing newbies!

      1. Compact and lightweight. Unlike most soft-structured carriers, Action Baby Carriers can be easily collapsed into a much smaller size, making them great for stashing in the diaper bag, where space is at a premium!

      1. Hand-made in the US! Each and every ABC is hand-constructed in the USA, utilizing eco-conscious practices.

      1. Machine-washable. Though frequent washings is not recommended, ABCs can be laundered in any household washing machine on gentle with only 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent. ABCs should be laid flat to dry.

    1. Comforting. No fabric separates the wearer and baby in an Action Baby Carrier, so baby can savor the reassuring feeling of being uniquely close to the ones they love. Little ones love staying close to their parents while getting a bird's eye view of their new and stimulating environment.

Hopefully this list has cleared up any confusion regarding the best reasons to look into Action Baby Carriers. For more information and to buy ac Action Baby Carrier of your own, go to

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